Friday, October 2, 2009

Guess Who I Saw Today?

My daughter, Rashida, is always calling me to say: "Guess who I saw today?" It's always some celebrity. She's seen Kate Hudson, Orlando Bloom, and Katy Holmes, among others. I always say "Are you sure?" Of course, she's always sure and I end up believing her because celebrity sightings are very common in New York.
Well I had a celebrity sighting of my own today. Our dear friends, Vonnie & Bob Hunt are visiting from the San Francisco Bay Area. They are driving their camper cross country and visiting friends and family along the way. I was really excited to have them come and stay for a few days and while they were here, we thought we'd take them into Charlotte to see a little of the city.
We were sitting at a table at Mert's Heart & Soul (a soul food restaurant in Uptown) having dinner when I noticed a black Lexus SUV pull up to the curb. Three guys got out of the SUV and walked towards Mert's front door. As they came in, one of them caught my attention. He was a big guy and he was loaded with bold gold necklaces. I looked at him and thought instantly, "I know him". He looked directly at me and I said to myself, "That's Biz Markie". He and his friends were seated and I mulled the thought over in my mind. I turned to Vonnie and said "How do you spell Biz Markie?" She knew who I meant immediately and spelled it for me and I asked Ted for his Iphone. I googled Biz Markie and a picture came up. It looked like the guy that had just walked in but I couldn't be sure so I looked at some data on him to see if he was from Charlotte. He was not--He was from New York, but I still was sure it was him. After all, how far was Charlotte from New York?
I kept mulling it over and when the waitress came over I leaned over to her and said "Excuse me, I think that I recognize someone who came into your restaurant. Is Biz Markie dining here?" She smiled widely and said "You recognized Biz Markie?" (as if she was surprised that I would know him). "Yes, he's eating here". She then turned to one of her fellow waitresses and said, increduously "She recognized Biz Markie". The other waitress gave me the thumbs up. I felt compelled to say "I have children" as an explanation as to how a dinosaur like me would know a rap star. Anyhow, they seemed pleased, said he would be pleased and that they would tell him that I'd recognized him.
I called my son and told him that I'd seen Biz Markie. It was like yesterday as we laughed over the time he'd made me watch Biz Markie's video "Just A Friend" ("oh baby, you, you got what I need but you say he's just a friend, you say he's just a friend... I remebered how funny I thought Biz Markie was with his funny way of part singing/part straining out the lyrics. I felt cool.
As we left the restaurant, Vonnie told Bob about my sighting and I told Ted. Bob thought Vonnie was talking about a theater marquee and Ted thought I was talking about Big Markie (whoever that is).
It was a good day....Full of laughs


  1. That was the best laugh. Doing research on a rapper at the dinner table!!!
    When I sent my son a text to tell him of our sighting he called to tell me to walk up and tell Mr. Markie how much he loved his music. Now that's crazy.

  2. That is so funny!! p.s. guess who I saw today?? Marc Jacobs!!! LOL!!!



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