Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Feel Good

All right it's Sunday evening. I've had a good day. I had a two-hour massage this afternoon and I really needed that. Massages are no longer a luxury--they are therapuetic for me. They help my achy back and neck.

I also hoped that it would lower my blood pressure to within the normal range. Drum roll please!!! 131/77. Not my usual but better than this morning. So perhaps it's not possible to change what's been happening for 3 weeks, in one day. Fancy that!!

Well, I'll keep working on it, doing what I know are the right things and the numbers will come down. I know they will.

The massage was just wonderful - I was carrying so much stress in so many areas of my body. I feel so much better, it's amazing. The massage therapist thought that the tightness in my neck could be contributing to the increased blood pressure readings. You never know--Everything's connected.

I will end the day by doing some gentle yoga, aromatherapy and spiritual reading. That should be a great preface to a good night's sleep.

Begin with the end in mind: A healthier life.

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