Sunday, August 9, 2009

Come With Me, My Love

Ted's not much for "foo-foo" stuff as he calls it. He'd rather clean the garage then join me for a yoga class but since we both want to get healthier, I thought I'd try this out.

"Would you like to join me on a 5-day retreat to Kripalu (a yoga retreat facility in upstate New York)? The retreat is entitled "Health and Vitality in Midlife" and covers things like enhancing physical energy,mental clarity and emotional balance, lowering blood pressure through nutrition, exercise and stress management, incorporating the benefits of yoga into your life, etc. " Right up my alley.

From Ted "How much does it cost?" I answered, "You don't get to know that, because it's on me". I said this because, of course, if he knew how much it cost, he would use that as an excuse not to go. I, however, know the value of these workshops since I'm still benefitting from a similar one that I took at Canyon Ranch back in 2000. So I continue to push. "It's in October". "Aren't we busy in October", says he. "Yes, but this is at the beginning of October, we have something booked at the end of October. October would be great because we could see the leaves change--something we've never done in upstate New York". "Well, we can just drive to the mountains here to see beautiful foliage", Ted says.

In my head, I know this is one of those "clean the garage" times, but I push on anyhow. Finally, a breakthrough. "This will be a way to get ahead of the "start the year off right" crowd of 2010". Bulls eye!! He will go. If not in October, then in the spring. YAHOO!!!!!

If there's something you are passionate about (assuming it's healthy, not like 3 scoops of ice cream) -keep pushing for it until you find a way to make it happen.

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