Tuesday, August 11, 2009

There's A Place For Everything

This is crazy! I organized both of my linen closets last night and I am in heaven. All of the towels, hand towels and washcloths are folded neatly, with folded sides facing out. Blankets and comforters are on the top shelf. It looks like a United Colors of Benetton store. There is something about an organized space. It allows the chi to flow.

Thinking of Benetton reminds me of what my daughter, Rashida used to say. Whenever we passed a Benetton store she’d say, “I just want to run in there and mess everything up.” She’s definitely not as anal about organization as I am, but she’s beginning to come along. I think it takes awhile to morph into your mother.

My organizing the linen closet is something like Ted’s cleaning the garage, only it really happens (smile). So after I did that and stood back and looked and said “This is good”, I was somehow motivated to replace some towels that felt like sandpaper and buy more washcloths (I didn't have enough). Also needed to buy a spice rack to organize my spices and an expanding 3-tier pantry shelf to organize my pantry. Help me, I’m out of control! Once I get organizing, the activity takes on a life of its own.

I once was wondering where I got my penchant for organizing from. I couldn’t figure it out. Then one day I was visiting my mother and she needed a pair of shoes from her closet. She asked me to go get them, and I did. There on her closet shelf was a neat stack of shoe boxes. Each box had written on it the color of the shoe and whether it was a pump, sandal, sneaker, etc. That’s when I got it. Somehow or other I had never noticed that my mother was organized but that brought it all home to me. I probably would have noticed it if she wasn’t organized, I’ll bet. So, I get this naturally. I have to work really hard, though not to take it to an obsessive level. I can easily go there.

After the yoga, chiropractic and massage appointments of the last few days, and after restarting my workout program, I am feeling 100% better. My blood pressure this morning was 116/73. Great and I’d like to keep it that way.

Everything’s in its place (even my blood pressure and my back) and a place for everything.

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