Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bicycle or Motorcycle?

A sleepy Sunday started out as a beautiful morning. We woke up late and just lazed around a bit. Nothing much planned for the day. We clipped and trimmed our way through the front yard yesterday, so I felt like resting on my laurels today.

As I was working on the computer, I noticed that my next door neighbors were preparing to go for a ride. The garage door opened, and out backed the Harley with my neighbor at the helm. A few seconds later, his wife came running out, jumped on the back and they were off. Hmm, that looks like fun.

I remember once, Ted and I were thinking about buying Harley's. We went up to Sonoma for a day trip and stumbled onto a group of the most beautiful Harley's we'd ever seen. We talked about it and even worried the kids some, but decided in the end not to chance it.

So, as I watched my neighbors (who are at least 10 years younger than us), take off, I thought, we need to do something fun today too.

About an hour later the heaven's opened up and I was glad that we were not outside and wondered about the neighbors. Knowing North Carolina's weather, though it was almost certain that the rain would not last, and it did not.

I was sitting on the couch when the sun came out--just relaxing. Ted said "Do you want to take our bikes out?" "Sure", I said.

I slathered sunscreen on, put on my helmet and hopped on my bicycle. I hadn't been on my bike for at least 2 years, but, as they say, you never forget. As we started pedaling away, I remembered why I loved cycling so much. It's such a freeing feeling.

Ted said, "Not bad for 60 year olds, huh?" "Even some 50 year olds wouldn't think about getting on a bicycle". That made me feel better. For me, a bicycle is more age appropriate than a motorcycle. And loads of fun.

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